GENERAL BIOGRAPHY  as a dancer, singer choreographer/director and actor.



Jevon Antoni-Jay 



Jevon was born in Cardiff, South Wales, UK 



Jevon was somewhat obsessed with The Arts when at his Quaker run senior school, Sidcot. A consistent ballroom, folk and disco exponent,  he spent a great deal of his spare time refining these abilities in conjunction with his theatrical and musical skills. He recognized that dance would be his initial implement for creativity when he was studying at Dartington College of Arts in Devon; It was there that he first discovered his aptitude for improvisation both in dance and drama. He moved on to study to be a classical, contemporary and character dancer at The Bristol School of Dancing, Bristol, UK , and later at renown academies, which included Andrew Hardy, Rachel Cameron, Maria Fay, and the world famous Royal Ballet School in London, UK. When he relocated to Scandinavian, he continued his studies with Aaron Gerard and Lia Schubert at the Balettakademien in Stockholm – Sweden. While in Stockholm he got the chance to perform in Sveriges Television’s production of  ‘The Masked Ball’ (The story of the assassination of Gustaf III of Sweden).

After a successful audition, he moved to the capital city of Norway, Oslo, to perform with Sonia Arova’s Den Norske Ballett, where his first role was that of the doll on ‘Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker’.  While in Norway he danced in large variety of works, playing a multitude of roles in ‘Swan Lake’, Brigit Cullberg’s ‘Moon Reindeer’, George Balanchine’s ‘Symphony in C’, Roland Petit’s ‘Variations on a Theme on Frank Bridge’, ‘Greig’s Piano Concerto’, and the list goes on. He also attained more television experience by working in a Norske TV production of ‘Hottentots’, and used his improvisational skills for the very first time for a corporate character engagement, at corset factory, as the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec; Jevon had to remain seated for the duration of the event due to the fact that Lautrec was only one point five three meters tall; he also learned that washing black dye out of your hair was not so easy.

After all these great experiences in the the land of the midnight sun, he was extremely happy to accept a contract with Celia Franca’s National Ballet of Canada. Before commencing his contract, he performed as a cowboy, a Native American Indian and as a dancer in stately nineteen century ballroom as part of the yearly extravaganza known as ‘The Grandstand Show’, which even included the original locomotive to travel Canada from coast to coast. This show was not the kindest: On arrival in Toronto the summer temperatures, in the eighties plus Fahrenheit, were boiling Lake Ontario to create a humidity level to match that sweaty heat. This show was performed in the open air in Toronto’s main stadium; it was proud of its motto that ‘The show would go on what ever the weather’, and it certainly did go on through some very, very dramatic and dangerous thunder and lightening storms with dances slipping, sliding and falling with all guns held high and blazing. In fact it was that one day the whole cast went on strike and the management took hold of the guns to stumble around like ninepins.

Jevon toured extensively with the National Ballet of Canada throughout the country and the United States, dancing in a variety of pieces from Kenneth MacMillan’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’, George Balachine’s ‘Serenade’, ‘Kraneg’, ‘Nutcracker’, ‘Pastoral’, ‘Swan Lake’ and again the list goes on, not to forget being painted green from head to foot in ‘Aida’ at the O’Keefe Centre. 

Believe it or not, it was while watching Barbara Streisand in the film ‘Funny Girl’ that he realized that he had to leave the classical ballet and seek an other more contemporary outlet for his creativity. Therefore, on returning to the United Kingdom he looked into other means of expression, auditioned for the ground breaking rock-musical ‘Hair’ directed by Victor Spinetti,. He got the job and moved to Amsterdam in the Nederlands to perform. While in the Nederlands he acquired the lead in a television film, ‘Genius, Genius’, and choreographed the IKOR Television production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical ‘Joseph and His Amazing Technicoloured Dream Coat’ for which he won First Prize in the Baden Baden television festival.

He continued to perform as actor/singer in film and theatre productions in for example, as a Brian cell in ‘The Phil Cool Show’ –  Central Television, Nottingham, GB .,  a  hippy therapist in the commercial  ‘Norske Tipping’  for Television – Oslo, Norway, as Dr Hoffstein in ‘Trouble on Earth’ – (Dir. Alex Kaufman) . Roller Coaster Films, London. GB . and ‘Bobby in Rhythm & Blues’ – (Dir. Stephen Lennhoff) . Life on Mars Ltd., London GB which he also choreographed. Also, staging for pop groups, and he even went to Greece to choreograph one of the Greek entries for the Euro-vision song contest. ………..And directed ‘Ebony’ – Oval House . London GB / Little Theatre  . London GB & Barleus Theatre . Amsterdam, Holland, ‘Reflections’ – Ballet Who .The Institute for Contemporary Arts . London GB, ‘Cloud Flowers’ – English National Ballet . Collegiate  Theatre . London GB , ‘Black and White make Grey’ – (SCRIPT: J. Antoni-Jay) . National Theatre . Oslo, Norway/ Club 7 . Oslo, Norway, ‘The Oddity’ – (SCRIPT: J. Antoni – Jay) . New End Theatre . London GB , Super Fly –National Theatre . Oslo, Norway / Club 7 . Oslo, Norway . ‘Canterbury Tales’ – Leeds Playhouse . Leeds GB . ‘The  Telephone’ – (SCRIPT: J. Antoni-Jay) Brighton Festival 2002 GB, ‘The Nerve’ – (SCRIPT: J. Antoni-Jay) Brighton Festival 2002 GB, ‘The Clock’ – (SCRIPT: J. Antoni-Jay) Brighton Festival 2002 GB, ‘Imelda’s Magic Shoe ‘ –  (SCRIPT: J. Antoni-Jay) Brighton Festival 2002 GB 

This brings us almost up-to-date as, his later experience in social work, working with challenging behaviour, led him to his fascination with our behavioural-evolution. This now motivates his writing of non-linear scripts and poetry, which he creates for his music projects under the guise of Feral-iD and theatre projects with his company – “Theatron dis Psychis.” 

When time allows he produces corporate theatre performance as ‘Jevon is a Right Character’ and with his troupe of actors and teachers as ‘Right Characters’, and when even more time permits he works on his visual art.

He is now predominately a feral artiste-writer-orator-singer.
Though his background is that of a classical musician, he also has roots in rock/pop genres. He currently works in experimental and electro-acoustic classical genres as well as in fields of roguish electronic-jazz, folk and poetic-oration.


 “I see a view of the soul.”