“Theatron dis Psychis” –  Translated from the ancient Greek this means “I see a view of the soul”

“Theatron: I see a view   

    dis psychis: of the soul.



The company have made their home in the beautiful City of Brighton and Hove, UK, which is situated on the East Sussex coastline. The company’s intention is, not only to work regularly in that area but also to tour the UK and abroad. It strives to connect directly with the emotions of its audience and therefore enjoys working in close proximity, not only in a standard theatre but also in warehouses, arenas and other unusual venues.

“Theatron dis Psychis” pioneer a new, unique experience. The performance element from “Theatron dis Psychis” communicates a structure from which to explore ones own psyche. Challenging the mind by leaving a lot unsaid and prompting the audience to delve into their own imagination.

The non-linear structure of the scripts and scenarios, not a story per se, prompt “triggers” in the mind of the audience, enabling them to draw knowledge, emotions and reactions from past experiences. Each person will create their own story – no two will be alike in the same way that two children may grow-up in similar circumstances, with the same genealogy, but they will draw different things from life to make them the individuals that they are.

“Theatron dis Psychis” plays devils’ advocate and challenges the norm, creating situations that cause people to question how they see the world. What has made them feel and react in this way? Is this the only way to view the situation? Should they change the way they look at things?

“Theatron dis Psychis” offers-up controversial subject matter, but above all, it is entertaining and can be comedic.

A continuous ambient atmosphere of surround sound music, surround effects and choreography enhance the poignant personas created by a group of multi-disciplined professional artistes. Visual impact comes in the form of fantastic and distinctive costumes made from unconventional materials in extreme designs. Dramatic make-up and lighting complete the evocative caricatures. Aroma and even taste serve as reminders of past encounters and at times become part of this theatre experience.

Changing people’s lives through the opportunity to take part in or experience high quality arts activities.
This art form turns face and asks people to look at themselves, to draw from within and to be an active emotional participant – “I see a view of the soul”

Creative Director Jevon Antoni-Jay is responsible for directing, and writing all texts and scenarios performed by the company.


“Fantastic new dance work – fantastically exciting – Felliniesk.”

– Lisi Caren in the Norske Dagbladet, Norway.


“Directing highly commended.”

–  Clive Barns in the Times Newspaper UK,  later of the New York Times.


 “ A vividly dramatic mixed-media experience, brilliantly designed and directed, with rhythm and poetry accompaniment.”

–  Alexander Bland in the Observer Newspaper UK.







“Pioneers do not seek approval.”


“Great art can communicate before it is understood” – T. S. Elliot

© Jevon Antoni-JayAll rights reserved 2013.