Character invention and portrayal

For your special events, sales promotions or entertainment.

“Right Character.”

Jevon uses a combination of his performance skills teamed with his expertise in makeup, and costume to fashion characters to your specific requests.

Just ask him, and he will find a way to create the personalities that you require.

He will engage with your guests or clients as that character, and stay in this persona throughout your event.



“Right Characters.”

Jevon and his troupe can promote your product or service with distinctive tailor-make interactive characters and scenarios.

Who are our clients?
You are our clients. We can advertise for you or just entertain.

Who are we?
We are an interactive theatre company.
We are highly professional performer-teachers-promotional experts with many years of experience in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

What do we do?
Though generally comedic our work contains serious sales and communication techniques. We engage our spectators by means of tailor-made scenarios, caricatures, costumes and make-up fashioned to our clients’ specifications. After extensive discussions with our client we decide on an approach and then improvise within the boundaries of our script.

Where will we go to do this?
We will go anywhere to do our work.

What would be the venue?
We will perform and/or promote your product or service in the street, office, theatre, hotel, exhibition stand or virtually anywhere. We are always up for a challenge.

What are our skills?
We are highly skilled in costume and make-up and theatrical entertainment. We can come up with what ever the job may require whether it is illusion, song, fire-eating, dance or gymnastics. However, we will always wrap this up in a dramatic cloak of scenario and caricatures; fashioned to your requirements. Generally speaking, we are a theatre troupe.

How do we present ourselves?
Our depictions can be presented in either of two ways. We strive to be believable, which ever approach we take.

A. Undercover: This means that we present ourselves as guests, visitors, passers-by or staff, and are presumed to be so. We prepare a well rehearsed, predetermined background, circumstance and set of characters and the knowledge of our clients’ product and specific occasion. Once we have integrated we reveal ourselves as rather zany characters.

B. Obviously Unreal: This means that we present ourselves as outlandish caricatures, objects or even animals. We do not just appear in bizarre costumes. Our artistes specialize in making the characterizations of creatures, people or inanimate objects come alive and appear real to the client and their guests. The aim is to stay in character and to be convincing at all times; however absurd the personality or situation may appear to those with whom we are engaging.

Our performers?
All our performers are of the highest professional standard, police checked, work within Health and Safety Standards and approach the public with integrity.

What do we not do?
We do not just dress up in funny costumes and make-up or as animals handing out leaflets. We do a great deal more than that. We rehearse, perform and always stay in character! Though we may use specialty acts or bands we are not an agency for performers. Our presentations are wonderfully complete packages.

What else can we offer?

Even with no promotional strings attached our ability to simply entertain will enthrall you.

Really great entertainment value.

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