Dawn State

Jevon the non-linear story teller

 Watch this space!

Yep, already gone! Sorry you missed them. However, much more in the pipeline for the very near future. 

Works I have recently been involved with have included an improvised piece by Roger Harmer, an informed improvised piece – ‘Passages IV’ by Patrick Harrex , ‘Dawn State’ a collaborative piece, which I wrote with Ric Graebner, and Urban Folksongs No1, No2 and No3, which I have also written.

As customary, I wrote the original scenario for ‘Dawn State’; created the music map, non-linear lyric text, and the prerecord vocals. Performed live vocals with my electronic percussion/drums, loop machine, lights and lasers – not forgetting my costumes. To this was added the superlative talent of Ric Graebner who has fashioned an amazing, manipulated electro-soundscape. 

Not for the faint hearted: A modern parable based on fact, fiction, science, ancient mythologies, philosophy and a touched with magic. 

Though all my works involve words, these words are written as triggers into a music form. One trigger leads to the next and, as in any piece of music, you are at liberty to make your own very personal interpretation of the symphony, cantata, opus and so on.



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“Pioneers do not seek approval.”